Part-time Researcher Conference

This event is designed for part-time doctoral candidates or research staff registered with a university in Scotland or Northern Ireland. The 5th annual conference for part-time researchers, held in Dundee on August 21st 2014, had approximately 80 delegates and comprised a programme of workshops and sessions relating to training and development, delivered by specialist HEI staff tailored to part-time researcher needs. It included plenary sessions, workshops covering essential aspects of being a part-time researcher, and current hot topics.
Drs Compton-Daw and Hadoke, in their capacity as current co-chairs of the UK Research Staff Association (UKRSA) presented a workshop entitled “Research Staff Associations; What? Why? Where?” as part of the conference. This focussed on support structures for research staff and how these could be applied to PT staff. The workshop included discussion of these issues with attendees pursuing their part-time research in a number of different settings.