Time off for Dependants

  • You are allowed to take a reasonable amount of time off work to deal with unexpected or sudden emergencies involving a dependant.  A dependant is normally a spouse, partner, child, parent, or someone who depends on you for care.
  • There is no set limit to the amount of time off you can request.  In most cases, the amount of leave will be one or two days at the most, but this will depend on individual circumstances,
  • Although you have a legal right to unpaid time off work in such circumstances, the University allows staff up to 10 days off on full pay to deal with emergencies as described above.


Additional Time Off

You also have the opportunity to request unpaid time off work in a number of other circumstances, for example emergency situations not related to dependants such as burst water-pipes etc or to look after your dependants in non-emergency situations such as recovery from an illness.


For a pdf document outlining the details of the university’s policies regarding time off for dependants, please follow this link: