Paternity Leave

If you are the partner of the mother or primary carer you may be entitled to the following paternity leave and benefits:

  • Paid paternity leave of up to 2 weeks – the first week is paid at full pay, the second week is paid at the rate for Statutory Paternity Pay set by the UK Government .
  • Leave may be taken either as one period of two full weeks, or two blocks of one week but must be taken within 56 days of the birth of the baby.
  • Additional Paternity Leave (APL) allows the partners of primary carers to take additional time off work where the primary carer returns to work before their full statutory entitlement to maternity, surrogacy or adoption leave has expired.
  • Depending on when the additional paternity leave is taken you may receive payment at the statutory rate set by the government.

For a pdf document outlining the details of the university’s policies regarding paternity leave, please follow this link: