Parental Leave

  • If you have worked with the University for at least 12 months you can apply to take unpaid parental leave of up 18 weeks.
  • You can apply for/ take parental leave up until your child’s fifth birthday. If you have adopted a child, you can take it up to five years from the date of placement.
  • You can apply for parental leave for any reason related to the welfare of your child for example, you may want spend more time with them,  to help them settle into new childcare arrangements or even to visit relatives.
  • You can take parental leave in blocks of one week or more and you can take up to a maximum of four weeks’ leave per year per child.  If your child has a disability the entitlement lasts until they are 18 years old and the leave can be taken in blocks of less than 1 week.


For a pdf document outlining the details of the university’s policies regarding parental leave, please follow this link: