Julia Dorin

julia 2014Professor Julia recently left the MRC Human Genetics Unit, part of Edinburgh University IGMM, to take up the post of Professor of Genetics of Host Defence at the MRC/University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research. She did her PhD at the HGU with Prof. Veronica van Heyningen and then 2 postdocs with Prof. David Porteous leading to a 3 year Caledonian Research Fellowship. Following this she became a project leader at the MRC HGU, running her own group since 1995. Her current interest is in innate immunity. Julia has 4 children, the first born at the end of her first postdoc and the second during her next postdoc. Despite working fulltime then (that being the only option), when she had two more children in 1998 and 2001 she worked 60% then 80% and finally 90% FTE but has very recently gone back to full time working. She lives with her partner who works part time.