Who We Are

The Self Assessment Panel


Edinburgh Clinical Medical School

Dr Carmel Moran (Convenor)
Dr Susan Farrington (Convenor)
Professor Hilary Critchley (Dean of Clinical Sciences)
Mrs Andrea Scott (Head of Deanery Administration)
Professor Sarah Cunningham Burley (Dean of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences)
Mrs Vivien Smith (Head of Deanery Administration)
Dr Donald Davidson
Professor Julia Dorin
Miss Lorna Marson
Dr Sonja Vermeren
Professor Mark Arends
Dr Sarah McGlasson
Robb Hollis (Postgraduate student representative)
Dr Martyn Pickersgill

New members biographies being collated.

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Mrs Susan McNeill (College HR)
Mrs Elspeth Wedgwood (College HR)